Committees of Somaliland House of Representatives

No. Name of the Committee Chair Person Deputy Chair Person
1 Standing and Disciplinary Committee Ibrahim Mahdi Buubaa Ahmed Duale Bulale
2 Internal Affairs Committee Ibrahim jama Ali (Rayte) Bashir SH. Husein Tukale
3 Foreign Affairs Committee Ahmed Abdi Nur (Kijandhe) Abdillahi Ahmed Yusuf (madar)
4 Finance Committee Omer Ahmed Suleiman Abdiqadir Hassan Askar
5 Social affairs and Religion Committee Hassan Awale Aynan Abdirahman Mohamed Jama (aw xoog)
6 Environment, Live stock, Agriculture and Natural resource  Committee Sa’ed Warsame Ismail Mohamed Barud Shide
7 Public accounts Committee Ibrahim Ahmed Haybe C/qadir Jama Hamud
8 justice, judiciary and Human rights Committee Sa’ed Elmi Roble C/raxman Maxamed Jama (lawyer)
9 Roads and Transportations Committee Ahmed Yasin Sh. Ali Ayanle Ahmed farah Georged
10 Intelligence and Security Committee Abdikarim Aw Ali Shabeel Hamse Mohamed Gaadawayne